Freedom Talk As per the Vision of the Muslim Woman

It is a real message from a Muslim female student to all her counterparts in the various universities of the world, especially in America and Europe represented in her realistic vision in conformity with a rational perspective. The vision is simply centralized in the pioneer ship of the Muslim woman in her field, the tasks attributed her and the guarantee of her religion which seeks her dignity in the various fields: at home, at work and in all her life stations.

It is only a simple reminder about Islamic Law and its guarantee to the woman to practice her freedom as the man, but as per controls ruled by morals, with no transgression on others rights. Most importantly observing the public etiquette, as well as her feminity. It awards her the high as the man to benefit from the civil civilization. She is the teacher, the student, and the raising mother. The lord has honored her via this great religion: Islam.

Her prestige is evident from the various Islamic legislations represented in:

a- Equality in rights and duties which is the normal criterion between her and the man as per the Islamic perspective taking into account the different roles to be played by them.
b- The Messenger of Allah, May Allah’s peace be upon him was always stressing on honoring the woman and she is entitled to struggle and claim & practice her rights as per the law of Islam which ensures that for her.
c- Islam encourages honoring and kindness to both parents and mercifully deals with them especially the mother. Islam urges and focuses on the importance of kindness to both of them in a repeated fashion indicating honoring the woman in her various age stages.
d- One of the most important honoring points obtained by the woman as per the Islamic perspective is that she does not incur expenditure on herself & her kids as long as her husband is alive. Thus, Islam has awarded her this distinction for honoring her, as expenditure is a must on the husband.
e- According to Islamic law, the woman is considered the raiser of generations, the factory of glories and the basic brick in constituting the child’s character and configuring his/her culture derived from excellent teachings aiming at mercy, respect, unselfishness, life love and creation development. All these important points are some of the major tasks assigned for the woman indicating high trust in her, and the high dependence on her. This is only one aspect of her multiple contributions in the community service as an active member besides the man.

The woman is the most important and major inducer in the house. She is the fuel of the ship which rests on a safe shone. Through the woman, stability is achieved as she is the supporter, partner and the spring of love & affection for all. This is Islam’s genuine view to the woman as being the basic brick of the woman as being the basic brick of the woman. This is a source of proud of this religion (Islam) which has awarded the woman this prestige as well as many honoring stations in her life.

Muslims do believe that all heavenly religions are from God, the true of faith of a Muslim is the belief in those heavenly religions and the messages they have brought. Religious fanaticism along some evil intentions which have caused enmities and hatred among the followers of the various religions. Those having the wicked intentions want to encourage this hatred through distorting the legislations of Islam and its view towards the woman, yet Islam with its tolerant teachings since its birth stresses on putting aside the hatred culture and replace it by a spirit of tolerance coming out from moral fields supporting agreement and reconciliation under an important title that is human respect. Secondly, the obvious teachings & frank legislations calling for honoring the woman and putting her in her suitable positions as a genuine base for the community and an important tribute towards configurating the family’s culture in particular and the community in general. Those teachings and the legislation methodologies are available for researchers away of the fabricated racial distortment and fogginess.

This honoring is a source of proud. There is no wonder that may of the western women converted to Islam due to their admiration with the practices of Islam which stress on honoring the woman within its teachings.
This is a freedom method for those looking for reality.


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6 06 2009

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
هل تعلم يا اخي الكريم ان هذه المدونة تحمل مسؤولية عظيمة وان الصورة الموضوعة في الاعلى تشكل اهمية بالغة للاسلام ….كيف ؟

انا اخوك في الله محمد من الاردن مدير احد شركة التطوير التطوير التقني لمواقع الانترنت… منذ فترة وان اتابع على شبكة الانترنت موضوع خدمة الدين الاسلامي عن طريق الشبكة ولاحظت ظاهرة غريبة… وهي عند البحث عن اسم موضوع الاسلام في تصنيف الصور لجوجل فأن كثير من الصور التي تظهر في الصفحات الاولى تحارب الاسلام وتحارب دين الاسلام… ومن العجيب جدا ان هذه المدونة الرائعة تحتل الصورة التي تعتبر من المراتب الاولى عى محرك البحث جوجل وبأمكانك التأكد من هذا اذا اردت ذلك بالذهاب لمحرك البحث تحت تصنيف الصورة ثم ابحث عن كلمة اسلام باللغة الانجليزية لتجد المفاجأة … لذا يا سيدي الكريمة عليك مسؤلية عظيمة جدا … بالمقابل لو كتبت كلمة رحمة باللغة الانجليزية في نتائج الصور سيظهر لك صفحات طويلة تحمل صورة المسيح… بالمقابل اطلب منك على هذه المدونة انزاك اكب مجموعة من الصور في مقالاتك التي تبرز جانب الرحمة او مظاهر التسامح والود والسلام في الدين الاسلامي نصيحة مهمة لكي ينجح الامر اجعل عنوان الموضوع كلمة الاسلام باللغة الانجليزية وعند رفع الصور احرص على ان تكون بأسم islam ….
ارجو ان تضيف هذه المدونة لديك اذا لم تكن تمانع:
ارجو الاضطلاع عليها:

6 06 2009

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

يستطيع اي انسان بكل بساطة الدخول على محرك البحث جوجلوالبححث في تصنيف الصور
على كلمة اسلام باللغة الانجليزية او مسلم او محمد والنتيجة هي صور مخزية تشوه دين الاسلام
لذا نرجو زيادة رفع الصور على المدونات المشهورة ورفعها وتسميتها بأسم islam وهذا سيكون له اثر طيب جدا … من المسىء جدا ان نرى امام اعيننا سوء الصور التي يعرضوها لنا ونسكت
– رجل ملتحي ياشر الناس
-رجل ملتحي بشع الوجه يحمل على رأسه قنبلة
-امرأة متنقبة ومن اسفل جسمها عارية

نرجو تحمل هذه المسؤلية ….
ارجو زيارة هذه المدونة التي عملت خصيصا لذبك الهدف
وان اردتم اضافتها عندكم سيكون هذا من حسن كرمكم وخدمتكم للدين

5 06 2010
mohanna mohamad

muslem never mind about what thy said about us since we are like the fruty tress whenever foolish one pass across it , s\he stone it to have frot
so the will rue some days trust in my GOD
and peace be upon mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم

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